1. Object of the brokerage agreement

The object of the agreement between PureStone Immobilien GmbH and the client is to demonstrate and/or brokerage an opportunity to enter into a purchase/rental/financing or loan agreement with a third party.

2. Commission

Any offers provided by PureStone Immobilien GmbH are subject to commission payable by the client. Unless otherwise agreed, upon successful brokerage the client shall pay the local commission rate typical for this type of brokerage service. The commission is payable at the time the respective prime contract is concluded with the third party.

3. Content of offers, liability

PureStone Immobilien GmbH obtains all information pertaining offers from the respective property owner, the lender or the sources specified in the exposé and any other publications. PureStone Immobilien GmbH assumes no liability for the accuracy of information provided by said third parties. Any offers are subject to change and subject to prior sale. Binding acceptances must be in writing to be effective.

4. Non-disclosure

The information we provide pertaining to the opportunity to enter into an agreement are confidential and only intended for the client. Any disclosure to third parties is prohibited. In the event of disclosure to a third party not recorded in the agreement and causal purchase/rental by said third party, PureStone Immobilien GmbH shall be entitled to indemnity from the client in the amount of the stipulated commission.

5. Admissible dual agency

PureStone Immobilien GmbH has been assigned with the sale by the property owner. It is therefore permitted to perform brokerage services for the client as well as for the property owner.

6. Severability clause and place of jurisdiction

In the event one of the above clauses is or becomes void in whole or in part, the remaining provisions remain effective.

In the event the client is acting as a businessman for the purpose of assignment or is a consumer without permanent residence in Germany, the place of jurisdiction and place of fulfilment is Berlin.

7. Personal data

Data entered by you will be collected for the purpose of processing your enquiry. The data collected will be used to advertise additional offers we have. You may object to the use of your data at any time using the following adress: info@purestoneimmobilien.de

8. Verbraucherinformationen zur alternativen Streitschlichtung.

(Art 14 (1) ODR-VO und § 36 VSBG

Die Europäische Kommission stellt eine Plattform für die außergerichtliche Online-Streitbeilegung (OS-Plattform) bereit, die unter www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr aufrufbar ist. Wir sind weder verpflichtet noch bereit, an dem Streitschlichtungsverfahren teilzunehmen. Unsere E-Mail Adresse lautet: info@purestoneimmobilien.de

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